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Confection, percussion instrument, energy blast, aphrodisiac, co-signer of the Treaty of Gaudalupe Hidalgo. These little purple (and white) pills have been making people feel “plenty good” for over a century, so why not you?

First: The bad news. Good & Plenty contain wheat flour, making them a no-no for those with wheat allergies or Celiac’s disease (gluten intolerance). Vegans also need not apply since, like many healthy, ruddy-countenanced candies, the pink ones (plentys) are colored with K-Carmine dye, whose red pigment is derived from female Cochineal Beetles.

A lovely specimen

There, now that’s out of the way, on to the good stuff (come on, beetles are neat!)

And they know how to have a good time

Rich in space-age sugars such as Dextrose, Good & Plentys provide the kind of instant energy boost so popular amongst such social elites as athletes and cartoon characters.

These fellows are both, and in the public domain!

Commonly packaged in sturdy, chipboard theater-boxes, the tough-exteriored Good & Plentys rattle appealingly when shaken, as evidenced by the case of “Choo Choo Charlie,” who used Good & Plenty to successfully play at being a railroad engineer for over 20 years.

Last seen here, bravely pushing his engine into the heart of suction-arrow territory

Sweet, salty and sophisticated, the licorice / anise heavy taste and scent of Good & Plenty polled at the top of a recent survey conducted to determine the smells most desirable to women.

Tied with the ever-amorous eu de cucumber

Manufactured consistently since their inception in 1893, Good & Plenty’s haven’t been around so long by accident. Fat-free, kosher certified, and reasonably priced (especially for a licorice confection) it’s easy to see why Good & Plenty have stayed that way!

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