2 Feb

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People can’t get enough of things that look like rocks but aren’t. Remember those foam pads that look like chunks of granite? They were usually found at outdoor sporting goods stores and really funny people liked to hurl them at you when you were in the middle of trying on hiking boots, forcing you to make a split-second Sophie’s choice about which part of your body would be saved and which would come to serve as a grisly reminder to passersby of the senseless brutality inherent to this epochal circus.

Well, Kimmie Candy’s Chocorocks operate on the same deceitful premise, the notable difference being that you can eat them. This is clutch if you’re attempting to conceal snacks from greedy, sticky fingered roommates, colleagues of siblings and may also prove to be the silver lining if you ever happen to have them thrown at you.

In addition to looking a great deal like pebbles, (geologists will recognize feldspars, gneisses, granite-countertops, cubic-cleavage and whatever else agglomerates their minerals) Chocorocks are excellent confections. With a hard, crispy-to-the-bite candy exterior and a smooth, milk chocolate center, they’re kind of like very stylish M&Ms. Boasting a vaguely malty taste and wide variety of colors, shapes and textures– ranging from coarse to smooth– this is stealth snacking of serious stature.

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