18 Dec

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If you’re like most Americans, it’s hard for you to resist pork and molasses, which is why America loves Boston Baked Beans. It doesn’t take a master confectioner to see that  FDA approved, grade “A” pork belly, dark, sweet molasses and  tender haricot beans are a recipe for success, breakfast, lunch or dinner! Slow cooked with plenty savory seasoning , Boston Baked Beans–

Apologies ladies and gentleman. The blogger who had been writing this post had Boston Baked Beans the candy confused with Boston Baked Beans the side dish. He or she has been removed from the blogosphere. We now return to the review already in progress.

– needless to say, that’s not traditionally well thought of in most kitchens. The peanuts are then placed on a tray, rotated and sugared in a lengthy process known as “panning,” which layers the candy shell until the beans reach typical bean size. The result is an angry looking, red confection that’s incredibly crunchy, quite delicious and highly addictive, despite the fact that there isn’t the merest hint of pork-flavor.  Not that a little wouldn’t go amiss…

In the immortal words of Beans Hambone, “Beans, Beans, Beans!






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