19 Mar

And they Really Work*! 0

I want to meet this Gustaf and shake his sticky, licorice worn hands. A tasty and functional candy that doesn’t fill you up (unless abused) and never lets you down (if your expectations are reasonable)? Excuse me while I fan myself with this woven-straw hat for a spell.

Incidentally, you could make one of these out of rainbow lace.**

Dutch Confectionery, Gerrit J. Verburg Co., is known for its licorice products. While these fruit flavored laces aren’t licorice in a technical sense, they bear some similarity to the colorful, fruit flavored “licorice” vines and ropes that have long been popular in the U.S. Fans of Strawberry Twizzlers will find a lot to enjoy in Gustaf’s Rainbow Laces, as might any fan of fruit gummies in general.

You'll see why in a moment

The laces come in a mass tangled enough to discourage Mark Summers, so I don’t recommend trying to separate the flavors. The best way to go about eating this stuff is to dive in head first, knees bent, talons drawn, screaming. Tear away until your threshers are laden with harvest, pause to catch your breath, then proceed according to your taste. While each of the four flavors can be enjoyed individually, I feel that– like the Three Sisters– they are best enjoyed simultaneously. Strawberry and Apple are Sweet and tangy, while Blue Raspberry and Tutti-Frutti are milder and more complex. Together, the relative strengths and weakness sort of blend together and flatten out into a surprisingly satisfying combination of all four.

Plus, you can tie your shoes with the stuff***!

*Where Work = May or May not Work

** Be advised, such a hat may melt in the sun.

***The stuff may not prove adequate for use as shoe-lace.






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