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Madelaine is a confectionery known for its stunning chocolate facsimiles, especially it’s roses. So I was excited to sample their attractive and tempting High Roller Milk Chocolate Poker Chips.  A cool idea, but do they hold up?


A really good game of poker is played out in nuances—tense rounds of betting drawn out through sly bluffs and counterbluffs designed to test the bravado of the seasoned players and milk the rubes for all they’re worth. To do this properly, you need a wide variety of chips. Unfortunately, Madelaine only includes two varieties in its “High Roller” set,  5’s and 25’s. I’d get a real kick out of playing poker with chocolate chips, (especially since it would keep the meager pile that passes as my savings safe from the hawkish talons of the conniving grifters who pass for my friends), but with only two chips to chose from (and with no difference between them!) there’s little incentive for really competitive play. The chocolates are decent, but suffer from the dreaded “Christmas chocolate” syndrome, a cheap, vaguely minty taste that leaves a lot to be desired.

So here’s a proposal, Madelaine; get serious about your poker chips!  Think how popular (and expensive) a full set of chips might be (1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 25’s, etc), especially if each variety offered something different relative to its token value. Save the “Christmas chocolate” for your 1’s, make the 5’s a nice milk, the 10’s a decadent dark, the 25’s marzipan or caramel filled. Eh? How ‘bout it?  Just remember, you read it here first…

You don’t have to be a high-roller to afford these chips from Candy.com





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