Peter Paul Candy Manufacturing Company set up shop in New Haven Connecticut in 1919, with the goal of striking it big peddling exotic, coconut-based confections to an eager, coconut-hungry public.

Their first offering was the “Kona Bar,” a blend of coconut, dried fruits and nuts covered in chocolate. The confections were made in the dead of night when the air was coolest (to avoid then ubiquitous refrigeration issues with chocolate), and sold fresh the next morning door-to-door. Ah the golden days of solicitation, when the next knock could mean a complete Encyclopaedia Britannica, a delicious, fresh Kona Bar, or even an orgone accumulator.


As Peter Paul’s business grew so did its product line, with Mounds and Almond Joy joining the happy chocolate-coconut family to the delight of Connecticuticans and beyond.


If you don’t have a coconut allergy, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be enjoying a Mounds or Almond Joy right now because these tiny bars (two per pack) are the cat’s pajamas. “Enrobed” in rich, dark chocolate, Mounds are a smooth double shot of creamy, shredded coconut, while Almond Joy caters to those who prefer to chew their food with sweet and mild milk-chocolate coated coconut with almonds.


While both Mounds and Almond Joy are extremely satisfying, I don’t think I’m alone in supporting a revival of the Kona Bar and fresh daily-to-your-door delivery.





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