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4 Jan

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When two guys named Salvatore get cookin’, it’s a fair bet you’re in able hands. The masterminds (along with their buddy Anello) behind heavyweight candy champion Ferrara Pan, these Italian stallions proved time and time again their capacity to cold-pan straight to the heart with such oft-discussed felicities as Boston Baked Beans, Atomic Fireballs and Lemonheads—whose breakthrough 1992 LP It’s a Shame About Ray ensured front-man Evan Dando a place in the immortal pantheon of handsome, warty-larynxed men.

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But while these high-rolling perennials continue to enjoy consistent popularity with the young and young-at heart, there’s an equally dulcet, but far more demure little feller lurking in the background, just waiting for you to make the first move. The name’s Orangehead, and he says it’s nice to finally meet you.


While his spray-tan-orange complexion, thick, truncated eyebrows, beady eyes, pointed nose and mottled skin warn “stay away,” his rakish tuft of spray-tan-orange hair, broad smile and lively yellow bow, whisper “come hither.” Fear not however, this is just the image on the packaging. When you dive into the box, you’ll be pleased to find Orangehead sweet, sour, citrus-y, satisfying and quite featureless. Like his Lemonhead cousins– and most Ferrara Candy– Orangehead is hard on the outside due to the cold panning process, but gets softer after the surficial layers have been slurped away. A confection of not-so-incongruous juxtapositions, Orangehead exemplifies the same genial dialectic that makes the best candies sing.


Once again, Ferrara Pan hits a homerun. So what’s in the pipeline? Rumors indicate an Eraserhead candy, vaguely described by early focus groups as tasting “Kafka-esque.” Until that happens however, we recommend Orangeheads, all the fine Ferrara Pan Products, and this fine site, a friend of’s, which we guarantee you’ll enjoy whether or not your name is Thurgood.

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